About the Servant Artist Program

About the Servant Artist Program

At the HPU Department of Theatre, our aim is to redefine the meaning of success. It’s less about what you can get, and more about what you can give. It’s less about what you can do , and more about who you are and in Whom you believe. It’s less about making it to the top, and more about becoming a servant to all. 

Theatre graduates from HPU can be found all over the world as performers, designers, technicians, teachers, business owners, and church and community leaders. 

The HPU Dept. of Theatre offers a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Theatre or Theatre Education, with scholarships available for majors and minors in Theatre. 


To engage the mind and the soul through the use of the body and voice. To portray characters, to reveal truth, and serve all through action. 


To meet all the needs of any production through design, construction, and management. To be Christ-like in creativity and collaboration. 


To sacrifice personal glory for the desire to nurture excellence in others. With love, patience, and humility, striving always to transform the mundane into the exceptional. 

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